I work as a Consultant for Altran Italia S.p.A. in Milan (Italy).
I recently moved to a project at Bnp Paribas in Milan and I’m proud to be part of an excellent Agile environment.

I’m an enthusiast of .Net Framework and I like to share my experience as soon as I learn something new.

I live in Milan (Italy) with my wonderful wife and, in few months, with a wonderful baby!

If you want to contact: email


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31 03 2008


I was wondering what you use for syntax highlight on your code samples. It looks really good, and I’d like to use it as well.


31 03 2008

Hello Esteban,

for syntax highlight I use the wordpress tag:
[ sourcecode language=”csharp”]…[/sourcecode].

Note that I added a space between the leading bracket and the word sourcecode ([ sourcecode) just to let it be visible in this comment. You should write it with no spaces to make it work.

It takes care of formatting, syntax highlight and even adding those three links a the top of each sample (view plain, copy to clipboard, print).

I wrote a post about it. You can find it at:

Remember that it doesn’t work with the default wordpress theme: Kubrick.
I’m using freshy theme and it works well.

Following is a sample usage in csharp:

[ sourcecode language=”csharp”]
using System;
using NUnit.Framework;
using NUnit.Framework.SyntaxHelpers;

namespace ProjectName
public class Class1Tests
public void TestMethod1()
bool testValue = true
// Post-interaction assertion
Assert.That(testValue, Is.True);

Hope this answers your question,


4 08 2010

Hi Matteo ,
Currently i am using iTech theme for my website and the tag doesn’t work in it. Do you have any ideas about how to make it work?

9 06 2011

No, I’m sorry I don’t know why some of them don’t work.

11 11 2010
Kebin Wen

Hi Metteo
Where can I find CruiseControl.Net Tutorial – Part 3?


29 11 2010

I’m sorry I didn’t publish it yet. I started working on the draft in these days. Hope to publish it quickly.

3 01 2012

I miei complimenti per l’articolo “Guide to Versioning…” in mezza giornata grazie alla tua chiarezza sono riuscito a metterne in piedi uno!

Many thanks 😉


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